Your safety is our concern
In order to increase operational safety in installations with hazard risks, we manufacturer all hydraulic cylinders according to the ATEX directive (-94/9/EC), which is valid across the whole of the EU. Knowledge on every potential ignition and hazard source is collected and evaluated, such that only suitable materials and components are used during the construction of the hydraulic cylinders. All materials, components and processes are documented without exception in accordance with the ATEX directive, and can always be tracked.

The documentation included in the delivery of our hydraulic cylinders lists, among other things, all calculations, inspections and provisions in a detailed manner, and also comprises an EC declaration of conformity and an ATEX instruction manual.

In addition, a copy of all documents connected to the project are also archived at TÜV Süd or another independent organization, where they can be retrieved and viewed should the need arise. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.