Your needs - Our duty
The only area where we remain inflexible is where our high standards for quality, precision and stress resistance are concerned — in all other cases, our design engineers are glad to help you develop special cylinders according to your needs and requirements. In order to tailor our products to every single one of your needs, ADVANTEC Hydraulik GmbH possesses a vertical range of manufacture and a network of reliable partners that enable manufacturing up to a diameter of 1,500 mm and a length of 12,000 mm. Due to our extensive experience, we are also able to offer core competencies even in areas with extreme requirements, such as at very low temperatures up to -60 °C. We are ready to accept any challenge!

Our product range includes:

  • Stabilizer cylinders

  • Block cylinders

  • Rotary feeders

  • Differential cylinders
    (with and without damping)

  • Double-action cylinders

  • Single-action cylinders (plungers)

  • Spring cylinders

  • Double rod cylinders

  • High-pressure cylinders

  • Pneumatic cylinders

  • Press cylinders

  • Tandem cylinders

  • Telescoping cylinders
    (single- and double-action)

Special materials we use:

  • Stainless steel

  • Heat-treated steel

  • Induction-hardened steel


Our surface finishings:

  • Hard chrome / double chrome
    (also combined: hot chrome / hard chrome)

  • Nickel / chrome

  • Nitrided

  • Ceramics

  • Welding-on

Optional features:

  • Position-measuring system

  • Proximity sensors

  • Control valves
    (check valves / load-lowering valves)

  • Directional valves
    (mechanical, electric, proportional)

  • Seals for highly flame resistant media
    (HFA, HFB, HFC)

  • Seals for environmentally-friendly media